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Bell Tower

Bell Tower Travel Guide

Bell Tower is the most well-preserved and best-known one among many ancient cities of China.

The Bell Tower was originally built in the Yingxiang Temple in 1384, at the intersection of West Street and Guangji Street. Then in 1582, it was moved to its present pivotal position, in the geographical center of the ancient capital at the junction of four main streets extending to the east, south, west and north, for rebuilding and later restorations.

The tower is 36 meters high, and stands on a brick base 35.5 meters long and 8.6 meters high on each side. It has three layers of eaves but only two stories. Inside, a staircase spirals up.

The grey bricks of the square base, the dark green glazed tiles on the eaves, gold-plating on the roof and gilded color painting make the tower a colorful and dramatic masterpiece of Ming-style architecture. With magnificent carved beams and painted rafters, this classical building is truly elegant. The Bell Tower definitely deserves a visit on your trip to Xian.

A fenced-in area around the tower is planted with grass and flowers. In early spring, the tender plum blossoms and bright new grass surrounding the old tower provide a harmonious contrast. Not far from the Tower, modern shopping malls and a brightly decorated square reveal the prosperity of the city. When night falls, lanterns hung from the eaves illuminate the tower, making it even more enchanting.
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