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Qin Epang Palace Resort

Qin Epang Palace Resort Travel Guide

According to description of the article written by Tang famous poet Du Mu (803---852AD), the Epang Palace was a splendid and luxurious palace owned by the First Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang. And it is said that it was burnt down by farmer insurrectionary army at the end of Qin dynasty. In 1994, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) implemented on-the-spot investigation, and give the ruins the title of “the first historic palace under heaven”.

However, the archeological team underwent long inspection and discovered nothing except for the earth rammer in 2006. Moreover, experts didn’t find any carbonization in soil with microscope. In another word, no evidence proved that Epang Palace was burnt down. Therefore, the archaeological conclusion was that the Epang Palace only existed in people’s imagination. It was never constructed completely during Qin dynasty.

The Qin Epang Palace Resort is built upon the Epang Palace ruins. It covers a total area of 780 Chinese acres and reappears the Former Palace, the Lanchi Palace, the Liuguogong, the corridor, and the lying bridge, the Magnet Gate, the Tiantai Watchtower and the Earth Temple and so on. The numerous constructions are magnificent. The resort centralizes cultural relic display, imperial banquet, hot spring, Prairie style, fishing and other entertainment. Visitors can appreciate the Qin Culture show in different ways as well as enjoy the hospitable services. You can understand the Qin culture better according to the programs.

In addition, you can live in the “palace (gong in Chinese)”. The Liuguogong Hot Spring Resort has six parts in different styles. Its design inspiration originates from the Liuguo Palace which was a part of the Epang Palace. Liuguo means six countries (including Qi, Chu, Yan, Han, Zhao, Wei) in Chinese. It was said that the Emperor Qin Shi Huang issued an order to imitate these six countries’ palaces to construct the Liuguo Palace after he defeating the six countries. Now, each of the six parts has its feature and function. The Qiguo Palace is a conference hall of the resort; the Chuguo Palace is three-star standard guest room; the Yanguo Palace is a banquet hall; the Hanguo Palace is a villa style guest room; the Zhaoguo Palace and Weiguo Palace are courtyard style guest room.  


Take bus No.302

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