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Xinzhou Attractions


May 15, 2016

As the most holy land of Chinese Buddhism, Mt. Wutaishan lies in Wutai County in Xinzhou Region, Shanxi Province. It is rated on both the list of the first group...

Bodhisatva Peak

Mar 30, 2016

Bodhisatva Peak is located on the Lingjiu peak, south of Taihuai town of Xiantong Temple of Wutai Mountain. It was said that Wutai Mountain was the ancient temple...

Hukou Waterfall

Mar 30, 2016

The Hukou Waterfall, the second largest waterfall in China, is located 165 kilometers to the west of Fenxi City, Shanxi Province, and 50 kilometers to the east of...

Xiantong Monastery

Mar 30, 2016

Another of Taihuai village´s Buddhist complexes, the Xiantong Monastery (Xiantong si) distinguishes itself by being the largest of the Wutaishan temples, with a...