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Lanchang River

Lancang River Travel Guide

Lanchang River is upper reaches of Lanchang-Mekong River within China. It originates from Tanggula Mountain of Tibet, flow through Tibet, Qinghai and Yunan Provinces in China; in Mengla County of Xishuangbanna flow out of China, become the boundary between Laos and Myanmar and be called Mekong River from the boundary. Lanchang-Mekong River is 4,909 km, it flow through China, Laos, Myanmar, Tailand, Cambodia and Viet Nam.

Lanchang River is 2,139 km long. Now in Xishuangbanna, we could enjoy its pretty view, especially from downtown Jinghong City to Olive Basin, it is the highlight of Xishuangbanna landscape and cultural customes. Further more, you could go to the upstream of Lanchang River in Shangri-la, Tiger Leaping Gorge is the representative spot on Lancang River.

DCT Tips:

You could walk along Lanchang River, enjoy the night scene and BBQ.

Cruise Tour on Lanchang River

Cruise Tour on Lanchang River

Jinghong -A booming city by the side of Lanchang River

Sunset of Lanchang River

Running Water

Take speed boat on Lanchang River

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