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Manfeilong Pagoda

Manfeilong Pagoda Travel Guide

Manfeilong Pagoda is located on the peak back of Manfeilong Village, Menglong Town of Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna. It is composed by a main pagoda and 8 small pagodaes, look like a group of baby bamboos, so it is also called "bamboos pagoda"; and because of its white color, its another name is "white pagoda".

The pagoda is built during 1736 - 1795 AD, brick masonry structure; on the octagonal vajrasana pagoda base, there are 8 shrines in each small pagoda, and in the large main pagoda which is 16.29 meter high, conserate the foot print of Sakyamuni.

There are 60 km from downtown Jinghong to Manfeilong Village, after visiting the pagoda, you could walk around the village and a small Buddha Temple in the village. Please note that there is a copy of Manfeilong Pagoda in Manting Park in downtown Jinghong.


Rent a car, or take distance bus in Jinghong Bus Station to Da Menglong, then walk about 3 km.

DCT Tips:

You need about 2 hours to visiting here.

A full view of Manfeilong Pagoda

A full view of Manfeilong Pagoda

Receiving edification

Mythical creatures

Bodhisattva in the 8 shrines of small pagoda

Walk around the pagoda

Another Mythical creatures near the pagoda

The Buddha Temple in Manfeilong Village

Story pictures in Manfeilong Temple

When you see this board, you arrive Manfeilong Village

Sunrise of Manfeilong Pagoda

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