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Olive Basin (Ganlanba)

Olive Basin Travel Guide

Olive Basin is located in downstream of Lancheng River, about 40 km to Jinghong City; this is a 50 square meters basin, in local Dai minority people's language called "Menghan".

Olive Basin is the home to Dai minority nationalities, here you could discover Dai people's culture, daily life, festival celebration and cuisine. In the afternoon, you could go to the Water-Sprinkling Festival Square to join daily Water-Sprinkling Festival show; or you could go to watch local Dai culture performance in the theater. Or just walk around the villages in Olive Basin, to enjoy relax and peace,tast Dai style BBQ Fish and Chicken, strolling in Buddha Temples and orchards.

Openning Time:
8:00 am - 6:00 pm, or if you stay in local family inn, please contact your inn to confirm the check-in time.

Entrance Ticket: CNY65/Person
Battery Cart: CNY40/Person
Rent Water-Sprinkling Festival Clothing and Props: CNY40/Person.


1. By bus: take direct distance bus in North Minzu Road (operating time:7:30 am - 9:00 pm); or take long distrance bus from Jinghong to Mengla in Xishuangbanna Bus Station and get off in Olive Basin (Ganlanba in Chinese. You should tell your bus driver in advance you will get off in Ganlanba.); or rent a car from downtown Jinghong to Ganlanba.
2. By cruise: take cruise in Jiangbian Dock in downtown Jinghong, downstream to Olive Basin, it will take you about 2-3 hours on the cruise.

DCT Tips:

Travel Tips:
1. Best season to visit: Oct. - next Jun.
2. You could take 4-5 hours for a day trip, or stay overnight here in local Dai family inn.
3. Dai Style BBQ Fish and Chicken is the feature food you should not miss.

The gate of Olive Basin (Ganlanba)

The gate of Olive Basin (Ganlanba)

Pretty Dai Minority House decoration

A Dai Family Inn, tropical Dai Stilted House

In every Dai village, you will see a buddha temple, so in Olive Basin

A buddha pagoda is another architecture you could see in ever Dai village

Walking in the peaceful village

There are lots of tourists here, but you could find your own peace here, it is so large.

The happiness Water-Sprinkling Festival Square

Before water sprinkling, there is a show about the history of this Dai traditional festival

Local culture performence in the theater

Sometime, you could see local Dai people practise in front of there house

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