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Wild Elephants Valley

Wild Elephants Valley Travel Guide

Wild Elephants Valley is about 22 km to downtown Jinghong, it is Chinese first animal protection and environmental progrection theme park. Now, Xishuangbanna is the only habitat of asian elephants in China, and Wild Elephants Valley is the home to these elephants.

There are 300-350 asian elephants (about 50 families) living here and around. on the Elephants Watching Corridors and tree hotel which is 4 floors suspended above valley, you might see wild asian elepants. Well, but statistics tell us, wild elepants will appear an average of 4.4 days; so you really need some good luck to meet them. If you are lucky, you will see them strolling, daddling and playing. The best time to watch wild elephant is early morning, evening and nighttime (use infrared night vision goggles), so that is why most of the day tour visitors will not see a wild asian elephant in Wild Elephants Valley.

If you just visit here in the day time, enjoy elepant performance, aviary; visit other local residents such as wild oxen, green peacocks, monkeys; and anought highlight is the butterfly garden, you will see lots of local butterfly flying around you even stop on you.

Entrance Ticket: CNY65/person
(Child under 1.2 meter is FOC)
Cable Car (one way): CNY50/person
Cable Car (round way): CNY70/person


Take tourist shuttle bus from Folk Custom Garden from 9:00 am, or rent a car.

DCT Tips:

1. If you take a normal day trip program, it is not easy to see the wild asian elephants because of their living habits.
2. If you come here only for wild elephants, living in tree hotel is a good suggest, please contact us for further info.

To local Dai minority people, elephant is the symbol of good luck.
Wish you good luck to watch wild elephants here.

To local Dai minority people, elephant is the symbol of good luck.

Wish you good luck to watch wild elephants here.

The Valley wild asian elephants appearing.

The Elephants Watching Corridors.

The Tree hotel facing the valley.

Taking cable car cross the valley.

Other animals in the Wild Elephant Valley.


Elephant performance.

Elephant performance Pic 2.

An old elephant is finding food.

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