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Putao Ancient Stone City

Putao Ancient Stone City Travel Guide

Putao Ancient Stone City is concealed in Mei Mountain of Putao Town, which is located at northwestern 25 kilometers away Yangshuo County, and extends for nearly 10 km. There are four gates in four directions. Stone City has 24 small gates originally and 18 small gates now in Yangshuo. There are Dianjiang Terrace and Zhongjun Village originally, but still keep the historic sites. Under the old city, there are four temples originally but just two now in Yangshuo Guilin. The East Gate is the most magnificent one, with on higher ground than the South Gate. The North Gate and West Gate are similar to the above two gates. Sub-cardinal points four large city gates in the ancient Stone city, 24 small doors to enter the gates after another were the stars over the step, and the walls of the same stretches tens of kilometers. The ancient fortress Dongda gate is 999 steps to climb the stairs and on the novel structure, spectacular, all materials are strip piece of stone with mortar. Two thousand years of vicissitudes changes, though after countless war still intact sturdy as ever, and really China ancestors talent, must be seen to. South Gate seasons such as spring, refreshing, Yun-kept treasures. The south gate of Stone City built on the mountain with height of more than 400 meters in Yangshuo Guilin. The both sides are abrupt mountains and the south gate at the center. The shape of gate seems as arch including inner arch and out arch. The out arch is 2.75 meters at length and 2.6 meters at width. The inner arch is 2.6 meters at length and 2.8 meters at width. According to the people living in mountains in Yangshuo Guilin, the Japanese devils arrived at the opposite village and observed the south gate is condescend and precipitous, they are terrified by the sight of south gate and dare not go forward in 1944. The villagers talk about this every time, they all feel proud of it in Yangshuo Guilin.

Although Stone City has a long history, there are no steles or historical materials recording it. So far, it remains unknown due to its inconvenient transportation and remote location.


Take Guilin - Yangshuo Bus in front of Guilin Train Station, and take off in Putao Town. Rent a mini van to the city.

DCT Tips:

Suncream,water and cash. Anti mosquito and anti snake spray are must.
The scenery spot is free, but due to the inconvenient transportation, you could only take Guilin-Yangshuo bus to Putao Town and there is no public transportation from Putao Town to ancient stone city, so you should rent a mini van or walk about 15 km from the town. Also, due to the city is on the hillside, you need a local resident to guide you there.

City Gate of Putao Ancient Stone City

City Gate of Putao Ancient Stone City

Putao Ancient Stone City 1

Putao Ancient Stone City 2

Putao Ancient Stone City 3

Putao Ancient Stone City 4

Putao Ancient Stone City 5

Putao Ancient Stone City 6

Putao Ancient Stone City 7

Putao Ancient Stone City 8

Putao Ancient Stone City 9

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