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Ten-Li Gallery Yangshuo

Ten-Li Gallery Yangshuo Travel Guide

Ten-Li Gallery is the best part of Yangshuo Karst landscapes. It located on the south of Yangshuo County Downtown, you could bike from the county or take a shuttle bus to the entrance.
The main scenic spots in Ten-Li Gallery include: Yulong River, Jinbao River, Moon Hill, Big Banyan Tree, Water cave, Old-town village, etc. And the best of the best is Yulong River, you could do the biking along the river, take the bamboo drift on the river, walking along the path, taking mini-train. Spring is the best season for sightseeing because of the blossom canola.

Yulong River
A pretty stream you could discover. Hiking along the river is the best way to enjoy the scenery, Yulong Ancient Bridge, Jinlong Ancient Bridge, Old-Town Village and other villages, karst peaks along the river are all fantastic!
If you accommodate in the Ten-Li Gallery, rent a bike or e-bike, ride from Gongnong Bridge (downstream of Yulong River) to Old town is a good choice, enjoy the ancient houses of general in Old-Town Village and have a nice local meal.

Moon Hill
Moon Hill is a classic scenic spot in Yangshuo, it is not only famous for its special shape, but also famous for the rock climbing there. There are about 22 different difficulties routes. If you are a rock climber, you won’t miss the Moon Hill.

Water Cave
Pristine! That’s the common from the visitors who have been there. It is an inartificial karst cave, untouched by development. There are two floors, 3 km. The left side is the dry cave and the right side is the water cave. You should crawl to discover the original cave – stalactite, stalagmite, without illumination, view the beauty of natural mother.
And to the right side, there is an underground river, you will see a pool with mud; it is 180 meters long and 150 meters wide. You could take a “bath” here.

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