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Big Banyan Tree

The Big Banyan Tree Travel Guide

At the village of Gaotian to the south of the town of Yangshuo, where the most typical pastoral scenery is to be found, there is a big banyan tree over 1000 years old. The braches of the three spread out in all directions and its roots twisting crisscrossed.

The tree trunk takes six men to circle with their arms stretched out. The well-known film "Ms Liu San Jie", one secenery of which was shot here, makes the old tree even more popular throughout China and internationally.


You can take regular bus from Guilin Bus Station or Railway Station to Yangshuo county.

Big Banyan Tree 1

Big Banyan Tree 1

Big Banyan Tree 2

Big Banyan Tree 3

Big Banyan Tree 4

Big Banyan Tree 5

Big Banyan Tree 6

Big Banyan Tree 7

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