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Xingping Town

Xingping Town Travel Guide

Xingping Town on the eastern bank of the Li River is 63 kilometers from Guilin and 27 kilometers from Yangshuo County. During ancient times, it used to be the largest town along the river. Lying at the foot of a mountain and facing the water, the town gathers together the most beautiful scenes of the Li River. The section of the river that passes by this town forms a bend, known as the Sickle Bend, where peaks rise, one higher than another, and water zigzags, contributing to one of the top scenic attractions of the river.

In addition, Majing (Horse´s Neck) Hill, which is shaped like a horse´s neck, and Wuzhi (Five Fingers) Hill, which looks like five fingers stretching out, facing each other across the river in the Xingping Scenic Zone. Another hill, which is shaped like a girl admiring herself, is called A Beauty Looking into the Mirror. The scenery of Xingping has been chosen as the background of the new-edition of China´s 20-yuan banknote. Viewed from any angle, the Xingping section of the Li River is nothing else but amazing. Traveling on a boat along the river, you may find yourself in the middle of a landscape painting.


45 minnutes´ drive from Yangshuo.

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