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Yulong River

Yulong River Travel Guide

The scenic area of Yulong River is located in Yangshuo, which is a famous tourism county of Guilin.
It is emerging scenery which has attracted lots of tourists in recent three years. The inconvenience of transportation is one of the obstacles of its promotion. However, the inconvenience makes it maintain the most beautiful natural landscape, such as the unpolluted clear water in the river. Visitors can do sightseeing by walking along the river, riding bikes and sitting on bamboo rafts.

The Yulong River is about 16 kilometers long, 38-61 meters wide and 0.5-2 meters deep. It is the biggest tributary of the Li River in Yangshuo. Yulong River has a different kind of beauty from Li River. The water in the river is clear all the year round, flowing quietly. The mountains along the river are covered by green trees. Sitting on the bamboo raft and doing sightseeing make visitors feel enjoyable.

The main scenic spots in the scenic area of Yulong River include Yulong Bridge, Fuli Bridge, Lion Hill, Baxian Cave, Xiangui Old Bridge, Guiyi Original Site and so on.

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Can be reached by taking a suburb bus from Guilin to Yangshuo and then taking a suburb bus from Yangshuo to Jinbao and make a stop at Jinlong Bridge.

DCT Tips:

The best time to visit Yulong River isĀ from March to Ocotober.

Enjoy Yulong River bamboo drift

Enjoy Yulong River bamboo drift

Gongnong Bridge of Yulong River

Drift on peaceful Yulong River

A cormorant on Yulong River

Drift across Yulong Bridge on Yulong River

Enjoy karst peaks by the sides of Yulong River

Traditional bamboo drift by local people, only 2 person on a boat

Overlook Yulong River from Yulong Bridge

Jinlong Bridge on Yulong River

Collected aquatic plant on Yulong River

Reflection on Yulong River

How to go to the different dock of Yulong River

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