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Guanque Tower

Guanque Tower Travel Guide

Guanque Tower also named Stork Tower, it is one of the four famous buildings in ancient time in China; it is located by the side of Yellow River where is the best location to enjoy the river view. Stork Tower is previously known by the name of "Magpie Tower".

There was a stork magpie roosting above the tower, hence the name. Stork Tower is the biggest Tang construction imitation at present in the country.Its outward appearance comprised of four eaves and three stores with an overall height of 73.9 meters. The total floor space is 33,206 square meters and the gross weight is 58,000 tons. The entire building was painted with color painting, which is also the art color painting of Tang Dynasty. The art of color painting is already lost domestically.There are altogether four scenic areas in Stork Tower. First is the famous building touring area; second is the Yellow River style characteristic touring area; third is the scenery touring area and the fourth if the peace and happiness touring area.

DCT Tips:

It is about 1 hour driving from Yuncheng downtown.

Guanque Tower 1

Guanque Tower 1

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