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Houtu Temple

Houtu Temple Travel Guide

Wanrong Houtu Temple is the largest and oldest temple for sacrificing the goddess of land in China. The most important sacrificial fair is held on March 18 and October 5 of the lunar calendar.

Chinese believe in the god and goddess of land, He/She is one of the most important god in our mind. In every village and town, even in our houses and family graves, we worship the god/goddess of land. To sacrifice the god/goddess of land is not only to pray for good harvests and plentiful products, but also pray for blessing the families healthy and good luck.

The Houtu Temple in Wanrong of Yuncheng, is the ancestral temple of all god/goddess land temples; further more, it is believed that the Wanrong Houtu Temple is the source of the Temple of heaven in Beijing. According to the historical records,since the Han Dynasty (202 BC - 220 AD), the emperors came here to hold large sacrifice every 3 years; until the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD)moved the altar to Beijing Temple of Heaven. The existing Houtu Temple buildings were built in 1870 and has a history of more than 140 years. Now the Houtu Temple is 105 meters wide from east to west and 240 meters long from north to south. The existing buildings include: mountain gate, stage, Xian hall,main hall, Five Tiger halls from east to west, Qoufeng Tower, etc.
Houtu Temple 1

Houtu Temple 1

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Sacrifice in Houtu Temple 1

Sacrifice in Houtu Temple 2

Sacrifice in Houtu Temple 3

Sacrifice in Houtu Temple 4

Sacrifice in Houtu Temple 5

Sacrifice in Houtu Temple 6

Sacrifice in Houtu Temple 7

Sacrifice in Houtu Temple 8

Sacrifice in Houtu Temple 9

Sacrifice in Houtu Temple 10

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