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Pujiu Temple

Pujiu Temple Travel Guide

Pujiu temple is a unique temple for blessing love in China, where the famous ancient Chinese love story "Romance of the West Wing" took place.

In the love story, Zhang went to Beijing for the imperial competitive examination, and stayed in Pujiu Temple because of days of heavy rains, and he fell in love at the first sight with Cui Yingying who lived on the west wing room of the temple. Zhang tried to meet Cui yingying by jumping over the wall of west wing, the apricot tree of west wing and the wall left a foot-mark.

The constructions of the Pujiu Temple could date back to the time of Wuzetian, the only woman emperor of Tang Dynasty (618-907), and the highlight of the temple -- Yingying Tower was rebuilt in Ming Dynasty with more than 470 years history. The Yingying Temple is not only famous for the Cui Yingying's love story, but also for the unique architectural structure. The tower is a echo building; knock on the  west side under the tower, and there will be sounds like frogs from the tower. The reasons for echo are: special topography of the tower location, special building structure and the special building materials.

Except Yingying Tower, you could discover the huge love lock on the temple front square, Bell Tower on the temple mountain gate, Yingying Villa where show you the love romance of Zhang and Cui Yingying.
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