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Yougle Palace

Yougle Palace Travel Guide

The Yongle Palace, located in Yongji County of Shanxi Province, was one of the three great ancestral palaces of Quanzhen Taoism in the Yuan Dynasty.

The murals in Longhu Hall, Sanqing Hall, Chunyang Hall and Chongyang Hall cover over 430 square meters and are considered to be gems of world art. With religion as its main subject, the ancient mural was of utmost importance in Chinese painting before the dawn of scroll painting.

The Yongle Palace murals are therefore highly regarded in art history.Some of China┬┤s best-preserved murals are to be found in the Yongle Palace in Ruicheng County. The Yongle Palace which houses works of art was built in the Yun Dynasty (1271-1368).

The murals painted on the walls of its major halls such as Longhu (Dragon and tiger) Hall, Sanqing (Three Purities) Hall, Chunyang (Pure Sun) Hall and Chongyang (Double Sun) Hall measure 960 square meters in total and are representative art works of the Yuan Dynasty focusing on Taoist stories and depicting the lives of the immortals.

All the murals are vividly and colorfully painted and are considered to be of high artistic value.


Taxi or walking from Ruicheng County.

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