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Yuncheng Museum

Yuncheng Museum Travel Guide

Yuncheng Museum is the best city museum in China. Here you could discover the local history, salt culture and ancient treasures.

The basic exhibition halls in Yuncheng Museum include local history exhibition hall, treasure of Yuncheng Museum hall, salt culture hall, local constructions hall, agricultural development hall. And the most recommended hall is the treasure hall, there are about 1000 treasures exhibit in this hall include bronze ware, carving, ceramics and painting. And if you visited Yuncheng Salt Lake and interested in the salt culture in Yuncheng, you could enjoy the salt culture hall. The hall show you the formation process of Yuncheng salt making industry and the development and management of the industry in the past dynasties, further more introduce you the formation and development of the salt merchant in Shanxi.

Here are some treasures you should not miss:

Painted Pottery Basin
It is red mud pottery basin with painting made in  middle neolithic age (4000-3600 BC).

Bronze Iron Painted Kwan Kung Sitting Statue
It is 116 meters high and was made in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD). Yuncheng is the home to Guan Yu (Kwan Kung), this sitting statue dressed in military uniform, and with dignified manner. It is a treasure of ancient Kwan Kung statue.

Bronze Belt Hook
It is a beautiful belt hook decorated by kallaite. It was made in Zhanguo Period (475-221 BC).

Types of Bronze ware
There are a number of bronze wares in Yuncheng Museum form Xizhou Period(1046-771 BC) and Xia Period (2070-1600 BC), there are sacrificial vessels and aristocratic utensils. The ferocious decorative patterns representing the original aesthetics.

Green Glaze Three Layers Ceramic Tower
It is 84.5 cm high with 3 layers, there are many details on the tower, include 11 ducks, and a guard with a hound on each handrail. Two nobles seat by the sides of table. This interesting ceramic tower was made in Han Dynasty (202 BC - 220 AD).
Yuncheng Museum 1

Yuncheng Museum 1

Yuncheng Museum 2

Yuncheng Museum 3

Yuncheng Museum 4

Yuncheng Museum 5

Yuncheng Museum 6

Yuncheng Museum 7

Bronze Iron Painted Kwan Kung Sitting Statue

Yuncheng Museum 8

Yuncheng Museum 9

Yuncheng Museum 10

Yuncheng Museum 11

Green Glaze Three Layers Ceramic Tower

Yuncheng Museum 12

the most precious bronze ware treasure of the museum

Yuncheng Museum 13

Yuncheng Museum 14

Yuncheng Museum 15

Yuncheng Museum 16

Yuncheng Museum 17

Painted Pottery Basin

Yuncheng Museum 18

Yuncheng Museum 19

Yuncheng Museum 20

Yuncheng Museum 21

Yuncheng Museum 22

Yuncheng Museum 23

Yuncheng Museum 24

Yuncheng Museum 25

salt culture exhibition hall

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