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Yuncheng Salt Lake

Yuncheng Salt Lake Travel Guide

Yuncheng Salt Lake is one of the three largest inland salt lakes of sodium sulfate type in the world. Visitors could enjoy floating, black mud bath, hot spring, spectacle photography and bird watching here.

Yuncheng Salt Lake has 4000 years salt production history, it in the southwest of Yuncheng city and the largest lake in Shanxi Province.The Salt Lake is an ancient typical inland saltwater lake, it forms dating back about 500 million years ago, during the early Cenozoic Era; it covers an area of 120 square kilometers.It is the world's third largest sodium sulfate inland lake.

Black mud in Dead Sea Israel is chloride based, and black mud in Yuncheng Salt Lake is sulfate based; both of them are rich in minerals beneficial to human body. Because the saltness is high in Dead Sea, lack of oxygen resulting variety of organisms can not survive there. But Yuncheng Salt Lake which is located in the lowest point of Yuncheng Basin is a typical closed stream inland lake; so it has rich plants and animals.

Here in Yuncheng Salt Lake, you could float on the water even you do not know how to swim. Floating in salt lake for 1 hour is equivalent to 4 hours sleeping and massage. It could coordinate the left and right brain, eliminate tension, regulate blood pressure, promote blood circulation and eliminate fatigue.

Black mud bath
The black mud in Yuncheng Salt Lake is minerals that have been deposited for hundreds of millions of years. It is rich of carbon, sodium, potassium, magnesium and zinc which could improve the permeability of our skin and enhance the self-regulation of our body. Bath on the black mud for 15 - 20 minutes, our skin could complete relax, the mineral ions in the black mud penetrate into our pores, deeply replace the sodium hydride and other pollutants, clean our skin, remove the excess oil and cuticle.

Hot spring
The hot spring of the Yuncheng Salt Lake is from 2121 meter under the lake, the temperature of the hot spring outlet is kept at 68 ℃ all year round, cooperate with local characteristic medicine bath and salt bath, have obvious curative effect on arthritis, rheumatism, cardiovascular disease and various bone pain; further more, keep skin elastic, glossy and ruddy.

Spectacle photography
The color of Yuncheng Salt Lake could change with the temperature, in summer, you could photo the colorful salt lake, and in the winter when the temperature lower than 5 ℃, the salt flowers will bloom. With the sunlight and types of birds, here is a paradise to photographer.

Birds watching
There are more and more wild birds stay or overwintering in Yuncheng Salt Lake, you might see more than 120 types of birds all years round. The pop star of salt lake is a family of greater flamingo, they stay here since 2014, only two birds at the beginning, and now you will see eight of them.
Except that, you might watch many overwintering birds, such as great bustard, white wagtail, Recurvirostra avosetta, ciconia nigra, magpie, tern, night heron, stilt, etc.

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