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Xiangxi Bai Torch Festival
Zhangjiajie also known as Xiangxi is the community of Bai Minority which minority has rich national culture. On lunar June, 25th, people of Bai minority of all ages get together to worship their ancestors. This pole of torch is made of pine tree and other kinds of trees. Wheat straws and pine branches are bundled on it. The top of this torch is be flagged. At noon, the people go to visit their ancestral graves with small torches, paper money, joss sticks and candles and offering. Before the sunset, the dinner should be finished in advance and then go to enjoy the torches. The locals think torches can get rid of the ill-fortune. And then, the young need to lift the torches to the fields and light spikes with torches. Its implied meaning is to eliminate pests and confirm a good harvest. At the end of torch festival, young men and women step over the bonfire made by torches one after another for twice or three times. In this way, they pray for eliminate evil, avoid disaster and everlasting peace.

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Zhangjiajie Tour Guide

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