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Golden Whip Stream

Golden Whip Stream Travel Guide

Brief Introduction
"The Yellow River and the Yangtze River are prominent on a world map, but even on a small-scale map of Zhangjiajie, Golden Whip Stream appears as just a fine thread. In the opinion of many tourists, however, this is the most beautiful and memorable waterway.

When visiting Golden Whip Stream, vice governor of Colorado, USA, Nancy Dick, remarked these words: "People commonly say that the Great Canyon (the Colorado Canyon) is very fantastic, but I think Golden Whip Stream is even more fantastic. It is the most beautiful place in the world, and I´ll remember this place forever."

With a length of 7.5 kilometers, Golden Whip Stream is famous for its pristine water, its verdant mountains, its steep cliffs and its serene valley. As a veritable "paradise" for plants, its pathways are adorned by an abundance of flowers, trees, and grasses.

This place is also a "kingdom" fit for various fauna-birds, fish and land animals. Such comparable scenic "poetry" is only to be found in fairy tales. Indeed, someone has aptly remarked: "It is a stream of bright watercolor painting, and a creator of ancient legends." To many other observers, Golden Whip Stream is a stream at once unique and mysterious, producing astonishment in the hearts of those fortunate enough to tour its wonders.

"What amazing scenery is to be found here? Only by coming here in person can one grasp its true charm." Let´s proceed into the valley and take in the scenery with our own eyes, we are greeted by an explosion of splendid and varied scenery: Mother and Child Peak, Bajie Carrying His Wife on the Back, Golden Whip Crag, Magical Hawk Protecting the Whip, Drunk Arhat. Truly just as noted "Every step forward brings you astonishment and all the peaks are in their own different shapes".

All of this grandeur requires an investment of about three hours of our time. Golden Whip Stream is a comfortable place for bush walk. From Laomuwang to Shuiraoshimen(Water Winding Four Gates), people usually spend 3 hours walking in this 7.5km long canyon without steps.


After entering the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, you can get to the entrance of Golden Whip Stream on foot, it is just 300 meters away.

DCT Tips:

Recommended time for a visit: two hours.

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