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Yellow Stone Stronghold(Huangshizhai)

Yellow Stone Stronghold(Huangshizhai) Travel Guide

Brief Introduction
Yellow stone stronghold is also called Yellow Lion Village, Yellow Grass Village and the Village of Huang Family. There are many tales and explanations about the origin of the name. Among them, the most popular one is told as below; ZhangLiang, with the official title Liuhou, lived in Qinyan Mountain (former name for Zhangjiajie) in seclusion and made pills of immortality. He did this to avoid the seemingly endless disputes within the imperial government. Unexpectedly, on a certain day, he was found by the government troops and surrounded by them quickly. At this critical moment, he was saved by his master named Yellow stone Taioist. Because this village is the place that Yellow stone Taoist showed his magic and saved Zhang Liang, it is called Yellow stone stronghold Village."

Yellow stone stronghold covers an area of about 250 mu (about 16.7 hectares) and at its top, Huangshi Village is approximately 800 meters above the ground, and 1100 meters above sea level averagely. The village is characterized by the overhanging cliffs, high staking platforms, jagged rocks and elegant apexes. And it is reputed as "the enlarged potted landscape landscape and miniature fairyland"

There is a saying: "Without climbing to Yellow Stone Stronghold(Huangsizhhai), your trip to Zhangjiajie is not complete."


You can take a tourism bus to get there.

DCT Tips:

It is very good for health to hike along the top of Yellow stone stronghold Village. The summit´s fresh air can not only invigorates your lungs but also rejuvenates your skin.

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