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Song Mausoleums in Gongxian county

Song Mausoleums in Gongxian county Travel Guide

Song Mausoleums, are in western Gongxian County, Henan Province. Except for Emperor Hui Zong, named Zhao Ji (1082-1135), and Qin Zong, named Zhao Huan (1100-1161), who, in the second year of the Jingkang reign (1127), were taken prisoner by the Kin forces and died in captivity in what is present-day Yilan County, Heilongjiang Province, the rest of the nine emperors of Northern Song were all buried here.The tombs , spread over a thirty-kilometer area southeast of the town, have the same layout as the Tang tombs near Xi¡¯an, though the Song emperors had very different funerary practices from their predecessors.

In particular, each emperor´s tomb was built for him by his successor and had to be completed within seven months of the emperor´s death. Not surprisingly, the results are considerably less grandiloquent than the tombs that earlier emperors had spent their own lifetimes preparing. There are seven tombs, each with a spirit way in varying states of repair that include figures of lions, sheep and elephants.


To get to them you will have to charter a taxi from Gongxian, though tour buses on their way from Zhengzhou to Song Shan sometimes stop here briefly.

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