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Beijing & Shanghai Tour 2

#Beijing and Shanghai are large international cities, with very convenient transportation, dinning & shopping condition. But Here we still have some travel tips for you:
1. Traffic Jam: please prepare enough time incase you meet a traffic jam on your way to the airport or train station. If you travel with us, our tour guide & tour bus driver will try to avoid the peak traffic time; sometime, they will drive you to the airport or train station much earlier than your flight/train departure time because they want to avoid  the traffic jam.

2. Special request on dinning: as international cities, you could find food from different nations & Cuisines in Beijing &
Shanghai very easily. If you travel with us, please just tell your tour consultant to find you a hotel which has a restaurant under your dining request on walking distance. But please note that in order to finish the itinerary, we could not guarantee to find you a restaurent under your need near the scenery spot for lunch, in that case, please prepare some packaged foods from your nation.

3. Air: frankly speaking, The air in Beijng & Shanghai is not good, if you are sensitive, please do prepare something for protect yourself.

4. Taxi: When you take a taxi, please do not forget to get the receipt, sometime, the driver will not offer you active. The receipt could help you when you lost something on the taxi; or if the driver charge you more than he should, you could complaint the taxi by the receipt.

5. Mosquito: in spring & autumn, you could meet them very easily, please bring something to keep them away from you.

6. Non-Smoking Room: if you choose a hotel under 4-star level, they might not have a non-smoking room for you, even you requst to have one. If you do really need a non-smoking, please contact your consultant when you discuss the itinerary.

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