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A Bite of China II Third Episode Seasons

In China, people do spring sowing, summer ploughing, autumn harvest, winter food storing according to the 24 solar terms. Planning and structuring eating in a year has becoming a unique tradition of Chinese people. Passing through four seasons, people look for seasonal delicacies in season’s transformation. In northern China, winter is long and freezing. People cook fish and frozen bean curd; in deep mountains, villagers come to remote mountains to dig bamboo shoots, which used to make dried bamboo. Delicacies are always left to the most industrious people.

Stewed Chicken with Dried Bamboo
Artemisia Selengensis Fried Bacon
Scrambled eggs with Cedrela Sinensis
Braised Chicken with Chestnut
Xinjiang Hand Pilaf with Raisin
Steamed Lotus Root Stuffed with Sweat Sticky Rice