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Bifengxia Scenic Spot Panda Breeding Base Panda Volunteer | Discover China Tours

   Ya’an Bifengxia Scenic Area, locating 138 km from Chengdu, 16 km from Ya’an city, has a total area of 20 square km and large scale of forests, including scenic spot and wildlife zoo. Bifengxia Scenic Area is divided into two canyons with a V shape. Vegetarian, canyon and waterfall combine the main character of Bifengxia.

   Bifengxia is the first wildlife zoo in southwest and ecological zoo in China, including free-roaming lion, bear, and tiger area, docile animal walking area, bird’s area, ostrich area, squirrel area, monkey garden, and so on. In this large zoo, there are more than 300 types of wildlife animals with total 11000 animals, including first and second class national protected and rare animals. Bifengxia is regarded as a paradise for wildlife animals.

    Thanks to the superior natural ecological environment of Bifengxia, China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center moved to Bifengxia and was open to public in the end of 2013. After the big earthquake in 2008, moat of the pandas in Wolong were moved to Bifengxia. At present, Bifengxia has became the core region for pandas’ protection and research, has more than 80 pandas here, became a research center that boasts the largest amount of pandas.

  Bifengxia Panda base divides into feeding area, breeding area, scientific research area and office. Since the opening of the base, the staffs here focus their efforts on breeding pandas, implementing publicity and education work, doing rescue operation to wildlife pandas, etc. After five years’ efforts, the population of pandas here expended greatly with new born and alive 47 pandas.

   The arrival of pandas brought numerous visitors from home and abroad coming here every year. Bifengxia became a hot destinations and news focus although it takes more than 2 hours’ driving from Chengdu. Particularly, panda base in Bifengxia welcomes more than 10 thousand visitors every day since its opening in the end of 2013.

   From April of 2014, the Chengdu Panda Breeding Base closed the volunteer service program for visitors, panda base in Bifengxia became the only alternative to do volunteer service program. Considering the far distance and tough condition, volunteer should spend at least a week in this base to experience the work as a breeder, feeder and participant.

  Activities for Volunteer Service Program:
  Transporting panda’s foods (bamboo, fruit, water, vegetables, etc)
  Clean panda’s foods
  Feed pandas
  Clean panda’s house and playing field
  Training pandas
  Weighing fresh bamboo, leftover bamboo, milk, panda’s waste
  Helping to bath panda
  Observing panda’s behavior

   Visitors who want to participate in the volunteer service program should show personal experience, passport copy, health certificate and other required documents before making application. Volunteers should obey the instruction of the trainer. The number of volunteers is strictly limited to protect panda’s normal life. Meals and accommodation is exclusive.

   For further information regarding volunteer program, please contact us.