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A Bite of China II Sixth Episode Realm of Secrets| Discover China Tours

The reachless places, like remote forests, rivers and lakes, grasslands, deserts, hind concealed delicacies from people. The delicacies passed from ancient time were passed down by the cooperation between Nature and human beings. Some rare and precious delicacies are discovered in the realm of secrets in China.

Followed by Discover China Tours, you will find most of the originate taste and flavor come from uncivilized and remote places, just like where this episode brought us to, for example, deep alley of Yarlung Zangpo Canyon, settlements of national minorities, distant gobi desert, and so on.

Spicy and Sour Amur Ide
Ghost Crab Sauce
Leek Flower Sauce
Steamed Grouper
Xinjiang naan
Fried Termite Mushroom