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Ali Area is currently closed to foreigners

Ali Area, Ngari Sanai in Tibetan language, is one of the prefecture areas in Tibet Region in China, and one of the lowest population densities in the world, only about 95800 people in this area according the demographic statistics in 2010. Ali possesthe unique plateau landscape of a large scale of 345,000 square km with 680km width from south to north and 700 km length from east to west. Ali Area is the conjunction of Himalayas Range, Gangdise Range and Kunlun Mountains, as well as the origin of Yalung Zangpo River, Indus River and Ganges River. So, Ali got her reputation as an ancestor of mountains and source of rivers.

Ali also attracts travelers by her exceptional environments and landscapes. Pureland of Pangong Lake, astonishing Guge Kingdom Ruins, peaceful Shiquan River, Holy Mansarovar Lake, world-famous Kailas Mountain and so on. There are two ways to enter Ali Area, roads and airlines. Several years ago, Ali Gunsa Airport had been shut down all civilized airlines but only available for official airlines. So, the roads became the only way leading to Ali. Roads divide into north route and south route.

North Road (1760 km):
The north welcomes more vehicles, mainly from local people, passing through Lhasa, Shigatse, Lhatse, Kagar, Sangsang, Daoban, Tsochen, Tongtso, Gerze, Xiongba, Geji, and Shiquan Town at Ali.

South Road (1190 km):
South route has less vehicles and popular for travel groups, passing through Lhasa, Saga, Zongba, Payang, Ali, Kailash.


2014 is Horse Yeas in Tibetan calendar, also the same
zodiac year of Sakyamuni’s birth year and enlightenment
year. So, numerous Buddhists go to Ali and hike Mt.
Kailash and Lake Mansarovar to pilgrimage. However,
due to unknown reason, Ali was closed for foreigners
according to the announcement from Tibet Tourism
Administration. The opening time is unannounced by
relevant official administration. Without cooperation
from travel service, foreign travelers are unable to apply
for Tibet Permit, not to mention enter Ali Area. So,
foreign travelers, who plan to visit Ali Area, should
re-plan the schedule.

DCT recommend another route in Tibet, southwestern part from Lhasa to Shigatse, Dingri, Mt. Everest and Zhangmu, leading to Katmandu. Please refer to JCH16.