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Kanas in Xinjiang - An Otherworldly Fairyland

the smoky fog KanasYou fly across a land of three thousand miles, enjoying the endless natural beauty of the world. When you fly with clouds and wind, you can have a bird view of the fairyland which will move you a lot, blending with the nature comfortably.  

At this moment, you can float in the morning fog of Kanas; nearby there flows a iridescent water in the river silently, in the distance there are some golden mountains flickering through the cracks of cloud, and a puff of cool wind blows from the hazy fields…… 

It is in the morning when the firs rays of the morning sun appear at the horizon, we come to Kanas along the winding path, stepping on the faint light on the way.  

The mist fog, bring us to this pinewood where has green grasses with dews and streams of rivers.
The mist fog, bring us to the lake where you can see water birds flying on the water or singing on the branches.

We walk lightly around the lake, to feel the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of blue waters and green leaves.the beauty of Kanas

When the fog is dispersed, you will find that Kanas is still so tranquil with so many greens which are the pinewood, as well as the inverted images in the water. 

If you look far to the distance, there are some dreamy virilities, several trees and flowers. Nearby, there is a white tent house with a round of fence and several sheep.     

In Kanas, there lie spots of pearls on the green field, making you feel the quiet time flowing a little.

KanasHere, a group of fishes swim freely; crinkling the still water of Kanas whose beauty makes you lost yourself in this otherworldly fairyland. Kanas People