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Ali (Ngari) Area is open to foreigners again

Following by the essay of Ali (Ngari) Area was closed to foregners; here comes news that this area is opened again. Visitors, who plan a trip to Mt. Kailash and Lake Mansarovar, are able to carry the plan again. However, flight is still unavailable. So, car driving is the only way.

Now Chamdo Area, eastern Tibet, and part of Nagchu Area, northern Tibet, are also closed for foreigners. Camdo, eastern of Tibet, locating at Hengduan Mountains and river basin of JInsha River, Lantsang River and Nu River, centering in Changdu County, east to Sichuan Province, east to Bruma and Yunnan Province, Southwest to Nyingchi Area, northwest to Nagchu Area, north to Qinghai Province, covering a total area of 10800 square km. Nagchu Area, north of mid Tibet, situates at the middle of Tanglha Mountains and Nyenchen Tanglha Mountains, covering an area of 16195 square km. Namtso Lake and Yangbajing Hot spring are open as usual.

Please contact us to design a Ngari tour, apply for Tibet permit, as well as access document from military region.