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Mutianyu Great Wall Shuttle bus from Parking Lot to the Entrance

Mutianyu Great Wall is located at Huairou County some 73 kilometers (about 45 miles) northeast of Beijing urban area. Mutianyu Great Wall wriggles like a snake across lofty and cragged mountains top and disappears into the distance. Connected with Juyongguan Pass to the west and Gubeikou to the east, this section of the Great Wall holds a prominent place in Chinese military history. It is regarded as a highlight of Great Wall for its unique construction and various sceneries around the year.

It is worthwhile to visit this wonderful place for learning Chinese history and architecture. However, it is stated that the cars and buses are forbidden to drive directly to the scenic area of Mutianyu Great Wall but to park in the parking lot. There are two options from the parking lot to the scenic area, by walking or taking a shuttle bus. Shuttle bus charges 15CNY per person. For the sake of saving time and energy, we would like to recommend taking a bus. So our entrance ticket includes the bus fee. Here are some pictures of shuttle bus at the parking lot.

From the foot of the mountains, tourists have four options to arrive up to the viewing point of the Great Wall, walking, taking cable car, slide way and cableway. Tourist can choose their favorable way.