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Buddha cutural and sacred tour in Nanshan Park Sanya

    Nanshan Temple in Sanya City, Hainan Province is also called the Buddhist Cultural Park where you can experience fully Buddhist atmosphere and see religious buildings in different styles. According to the legend, Sanya Nanshan Mountain was the place where Bodhisattva stayed, and it makes me even more excited to visit it.

    Walking in the park, you can feel the peaceful and harmonious vibe. Trees and grass were standing along the way as your eyes are busying appreciate all the buildings and sculptures. There are many special and beautiful palaces and other Tang-dynasty style buildings, but there are 3 scenic spots you can’t miss.

    The first one is Bu’er Famennian. It’s a large-scale Tang-dynastic style scenic spot that is composed by buildings, pools, sculptures, stone inscription, embossments, and gardens. All the buildings and adornments embody the essence of Buddhist thought ---- Bu’er. Babao Lotus Flower Pond is the most spectacular among them. It has different kinds of coral lite, seaweed, lights, colored glaze, and tropical marine fish. It makes you feel like you’re in a magical underwater world under all the shining lights.

    The second one is Lucky Bell Pavilion. It’s a casting copper bell that weights 800KG, and there will be grand Striking Bell Ceremony when important festivals are coming. Other visitors were all amazed by this huge bell and took pictures of if from different angels. After Lucky Bell Pavilion, you can go to Thirty-three Avalokitesvara Temple, where there are thirty three different sculptures of Avalokitesvara, and a big embossment that tells a story of this Goddess. It’s said that those adornments were made by more than 130 craftsmen in 4 years. Apart from these, you also see some other projects that expressed Chinese wealthy God culture and folk culture.

    Last but not least, Nanashan goddess sculpture is a special and amazing sculpture that is higher than Statue of Liberty. She is the Goddess of Mercy with three sides, standing above the sea. The first side is that she holds lotus flower, the second side is that she holds the golden book; the third side is that she holds Buddha beads, the three sides form into one as a whole, standing on a lotus throne that has four stores. This sculpture is the symbol of the spirits: mercy, wisdom and peace, what’s more, it gets all the classic art of statue together and it stands on the sea, with all the surrounding as background.

    Taking off all the working pressure, this is a trip that cleaning heart and soul. The essence of Buddhist is profound and deep, tourists can’t get it at once, but they like to get better known about it.