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The Silk Road Routes Networks of Chang’an - Tianshan Corridor

On 22nd June of 2014, the Silk Road Historical Sites along the route of 5000 kilometers from China central plain to Zhetysu Region of Central Asia were listed into UNESCO. This route was named by the Route Networks of Chang’an – Tianshan Corridor. There were 33 sites in 5 types of historical sites including key town sites, ancient cities, traffic sites, religious sites and relevant sites. UNESCO estimated that the sites in other route networks will be listed in to World Heritage Sites in next following years. Among the 33 sites, we can see the ruins of capitals, complex of palaces, trading notes, religious temples and architectures, old roads, posthouse, passes, beacon towers, great wall sections, fortifications, tombs and mausoleums.

The Routes Networks of Chang’an – Tianshan Corridor is only a section of the lengthy Silk Road network route, starting from Chang’an or Luoyang, the capital city of Han or Tang dynasties, stretching west to Zhetysu Region of Central Asia. This route, formed between 200 B.C and 100 A.D. and still played a role before 16th century, was contributed to the ancient civilization exchange, commodities trading, freedom religions belief, scientific and technological knowledge, technological innovation, cultural practice, literature and art exchange and so on.

The red line shows the Silk Road Route Networks of Chang’an - Tianshan Corridor

Sites of World Heritage:

Henan Province:

Luoyang City Ruins of Han and Wei Dynasties
The Site of Dingding Gate, Luoyang City of Sui and Tang Dynasties
Xin’an Hangu Pass of Han Dynasty
Shihao Section of Yaohan Ancient Road

Shan’xi Province:
Weiyang Palace Site in Chang’an of Han Dynasty
The Tome of Zhang Qian
Daming Palace Site in Chang’an of Tang Dynasty
Big Wild Goose Pagoda
Lesser Wild Goose Pagoda
The Pagoda of Xingjiao Temple
Bin County Cave Temple

Gansu Province:
Yumen Pass
Xuanquan Posthouse
Maijishan Grottoes
Bingling Temple and Grottoes
Suoyang City Ruins

Xinjiang Region:

Gaochang City Ruins
Jiaohe City Ruins
Kizil Kagha beacon tower
Kizil Kagha Grotto
Subashi Buddhist Temple Ruins
Beiting City Ruins

Almaty Province:
Site of Kayalyk
Site of Talgar
Site Karamergen

Jambyl Province:
Site of Aktobe
Site of Kulan
Site of Ornek
Site of Akyrtas
Site of Kostobe

Chuy Province:

Suyab (Site of Ak-Beshim)
City of Balasagun (Site of Burana)
City of Nevaket (Site of Krasnaya Rechka)