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Tibet Zhangmu Port And E.B.C Travel Are Influenced By Nepal Earthquake on Apr.25,2015

Discover China Tours pray for all people who were influenced by Apr.25, 2015 Nepal earthquakes. The dsaster not only destroyed Nepal, but also destroyed some area of India and Tibet of China. Now, Tibet is try its best to work for relief.
In Tibet, Nyalam County, Tingri(Shegar) County and Gyirong County are strongly destroyed by Nepal earthquake. 1,191 houses were collapsed; 5,825 families was affected, they were hurt or their house not safe for staying; and 54 temples was destroyed. 25 persons lost their life in the earthquake and more injured persons were waite for medical care. And the bad news are: more than 40 km of national road 318 from Nyalam to Shigatse was breaked off by rockfall and overbreak, Zhangmu Port to Nyalam section of China Nepal Friendship Highway was also break off by landslide; the army could only get disaster area on foot; now when Tibet try the best to repair the road, a heavy snow hit Lhatse to Tingri section of national road 318 (on Mt.Gyatso La 5083-5104 km).

So,for Zhangmu Port to Nepal, as we mention above, the friendship highway was breaked off, so you could not go to Zhangmu until there is further news.
For Tibet E.B.C, North Camp of Everest Base in Tibet was not destroyed by Nepal earthquake, but for providing earthquake relief, let more army, relief workers and materials delivered to repair the road and to work for disaster area, we are stopped the program to visit E.B.C, if you choose this package, your tour consultant will contact you to modify your program. According to the announcement of Travel Management Station at Dingri, it is closed for tourists until July, 2015. When the Mt. Everest is open, announcement will be released again.
We appeal all visitors do not go to Tibet earthquake disaster area, one reason is it is realyy not safe, the other reason is please let the traffic to army and professional relief works and relief materials. We wish more persons was rescued. We pray for all people.

And except the earthquake disaster area, other area such as Lhasa, Shigatse, Yamdrok Lake, Namtso Lake, etc are safe to visit, the earthquake do not influence these area. You could visit as your schedule, or if you would like to book packages for these area, there is no problem, we could arrange them.