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Dali Third Month Fair 2015

Dali Third Month Fair, which is also called "Dali Third Month Festival" and "Dali Avalokitesvara Fair", is hold every March 15 - 20 of Chinese Lunar Year. The history of the fair could date back to kingdom of Nanzhao Period(738 - 902 AD). Yestoday, the Tird Month Fair 2015 was hold a opening performance, and in the following 7 days, you could enjoy this more  than 1200 years history festival.

During Nanzhao Period, Nanzhao people adored Avalokitesvara (the Goddess of Mercy) so much, in every March 15, ceremonious worship rite was hold for praying to Avalokitesvara. This worship rite got so many people together, and year after year, except worship, commerce became another important theme, and the worship and commerce time was named "Third Month Fair".

Dali Horse is famous for its good at carrying goods, a grown Dali horse could carry about 65 - 80 kg goods, walk 30 km/day on a average road and walk 20 km/day on rugged mountain path; since Tang and Song Dynasty, Dali horse was to yellow river plain area of China. So except worship and commerce, horse racing for selecting war-horse by the king of Dali bacame a third activity of Third Month Fair. Chinese Ming Dynasty famous traveller Xu Xiake (1587 - 1641 AD) recorded the horse racing and other activities of Third Month Fair on his book "Yunnan Travel Diary".

In Qing Dynasty (1636 - 1912 AD),  there are more than 100,000 people attend to Third Month Fair. Now, this traditional fair was named "Dali Bai Aotonomous Prefecture Third Month Fair Folk Festival", Dali residents will have a 5 days vacation to celebrate this festival. In 2015, Third Month Fair will last 7 days from May 3 to 9; during the festival, except traditional worship, commerce and horse racing, a traditional folk sports meeting and local residents singing match are hold.