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144 Hours Visa Free Is Implemented in Guilin

Guilin municipal government held a press conference and announced a new tourism policy on 26th May, 2015. Approved by Ministry of Public Security, Guilin is granted 144-hour visa-free transit of ten ASEN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries and the policy will be carried out from 28th May, 2015. The ten countries are Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Singapore, Brunei, and Philippines.

There are some limitation and regulation for the travel groups from ten countries. First of all, the travel group has at least two tourists. Secondly, the travel group must be organized, received by qualified travel service, which designated and affirmed by Guilin tourism administration. Discover China Tour and China Tour Operator, online travel service websites of Guilin Comfort Travel Service, is a qualified travel service. Thirdly, the tourists in travel group much have air tickets in and out from Guilin Lijiang International Airport. No individual arrival or departure is forbidden.

The 2015 China-ASEAN EXPO Tourism Exhibition is held from 29th to 31st May, 2015 in Guilin International Conference and Exhibition Center. DCT believes that this policy will greatly offer convenience to the officials and tourists from these ten ASEAN countries.