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Relaxing Stay at Skytree in Xishuangbanna

A trip to Xishuangbanna in Yunnan must go to Skytree Scenic Area, where the trees are as high as to tens meters tall, looking like a giant comparing to the trees in north. It’s said that the luxuriantly green forest here is similar to the Pandora planet in movie Avatar. The trees are straight and tall, even taller than buildings of dozens of layers. The king of trees, 80 meters tall, attractions numerous tourists to admire it.

Tourists can take speed boat at Bubang Pier and experience boating on Nanla River, which is a branch of Lantsang River, the upper stream of Mekong River. The river twists and turns forwarding, along with the pretty sightseeing on the bank. The Nanla River basin is covered by thick forests and aquatic plants. The river is also reputed by local people the Oriental Amazon.

The boat takes tourists to another tourist center through the sightseeing river area of 4 km. The most impressed spot is the sky walking bridge, 500 meters’ long and 36 meters’ height. The bridge is made by thick and big iron chains and ropes, nylon nets and aluminum alloy footboards, connected between each two sky trees. Walking on the bridge is enjoying the shaky feeling and overlooking at the large green forests, which is very excited to tourists. DCT’s suggestion is spend your time in the area and visit each spots thoroughly.