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Amazing Longji Terraces

Longji Terraces, an incredible sight in Guilin north area. The Terraces ware built into the hillside. The Terraces were first built in the Yuan dynasty (1206—1368 ) and completed in the Qing dynasty by ethnic people ( Zhuang and Yao people).

The major crop here is paddy rice; rice fields from the bottom of mountains to the top make really amazing scenery.

Terraced field
Rice Terraces field of Longji
Some pieces of land are really small and narrow, especially on the top of the mountain. It is hard work for local farmer plough the field, they only could use buffalo not modern machine.

Water in Longji

It is difficult to imagine that where the water come from and use for irrigation, but strong roots of forests and refresh underground springs become resources for irrigation.

Irrigation system

Irrigation System in Longji
We almost see cement irrigation canals system in paddy rice fields, but this modern project will difficult build in such mountain area, but local people had very good ideas of using local material bamboo as irrigation tool. They are really smart!