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Taste Nanjing featured foods in Pedestrian Street of Confucius Temple

Nanjing Confucius Temple, firstly built in 1034 A.D. in Song Dynasty, extended from an ancient academy in Dongjin Dynasty (317-420 A.D.). The architecture cluster of Confucius Temple, a highlight attraction in Nanjing Qinhuai scenery, is assembled by Confucian Temple, Academy, and Jiangnan Examination Hall. The Confucius Temple is a landmark on Qinhuai River, essence of Qinhuai Scenery, Concentration of Nanjing folk custom show and featured snacks. Just like tourist go to the Bund when they go to Shanghai, you must visit the temple when you are in Nanjing. The night markets are the most bustling places in Nanjing. While, evening visit to Confucius Temple is recommended. Qinhuai Snacks are the feature in Foods Street. Particularly, the Eight Unique of Qinhuai is delicate and tastes distinctive, enjoys popularity by local people.

The first unique is Huangqiao sesame cake and dried shrimps with shredded dried bean curd in Yongheyuan; the second unique is Beef Soup and Guotie Stuff with Beef in Jiangtouji; the third unique is bean curd jelly and green onion pancake in Liufengju; the fourth unique is sesame cake with duck oil and assorted green vegetable bun in Qifangge; the fifth unique is bean curd slices with sesame oil and shredded chicken noodle in Qifangge; the sixth unique is sweet dumplings with osmanthus filling and small five-color cake in Lianhugaotuen restaurant; the seventh unique is smoke fish noodle and thin skin bud in Zhanyuan Noodle Restaurant; the eighth unique is spicy bean and spicy egg in Kuiguangge.

Except the unique snacks, tourists can enjoy shows like Shadow Play or traditional Chinese instrument performance in Qinhuairenjia Hotel. Besides, Wanqinglou is another restaurant specialized in Nanjing snacks, Zhejiang and Jiangsu foods, which attracts both local people and tourists.

Address of Wanqinglou:

(Aside by Wuyixiang Alley on Pedestrian Street in Confucius Temple) NO. 126 Dashiba Street, Nanjing
NO. 150, Gongyuan Street, Qianhuai District, Nanjing