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Classic Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking Route

The Tiger Leaping Gorge in Jinsha River is the most classic hiking routes in China. On this hiking route, which lasts exciting miles with amazing scenery, has most foreign tourists than domestic tourists.

Torrential Jinsha River flows to Shigu Town and heads north rapidly at the First Bend of Yangtze River, thus the gorge is formed. Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the deepest gorges in China, locates at northeast of Longpan County of Yulong Naxi Prefecture in Yunnan, 80 km north of Lijiang and 98 km south of Shangri-La. The gorge has length of 16 km, and seven scarps in the Jinsha River with total water drop of 170 meters. Tiger Leaping Gorge is the most famous gorge in the world, known as its danger and magnificence.

The gorge is divided into three sections, upper gorge, middle gorge and lower gorge. The upper gorge is 9 km from Tiger Leaping Gorge Town, also the narrowest section. In the middle of the river, there is a Tiger Leaping Stone of 13 meters’ height, which is just the most famous Tiger Leaping Gorge sightseeing.

Generally speaking, hiking to Tiger Leaping Gorge takes two days. DCT offers the most classic hiking route for reference.
Tourists can take bus or tent a car from Lijiang or Shangri-La to Shigu Town or Tiger Leaping Gorge Entrance & Ticket Office.

Day 1 Tiger Leaping Gorge Entrance & Ticket Office – High Road – Naxi Family – 28 Turns – Tea Horse Guesthouse - Half way (A platform of looking far into distance to Jade Dragon Mountain) – Day 2 Tina’s – Zhang’s Family – Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge – Heaven Stairs (back to the road)