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Jingjiang Tombs, another collection of Ming Tombs

Ming Tombs, when people mention it, it occurs to us that Ming Tombs are located in Beijing. But there is a cluster of Ming Tombs in Guilin, Jingjiang Tombs. In Ming Dynasty, the governor of Guilin was called Jingjiang King. So the natives call the collection of their tombs as Jingjiang Tombs.

Located at Yao Mountain, 5 kilometers away from central Guilin, Jingjiang Tombs are the biggest collection of mausoleum in Lingnan Area (Guangdong province and Guangxi province). Eleven Jingjiang Kings are buried here, but only the tomb for the third Jiangjiang King is available for tourists.

Upon arrival at the Jingjiang Tomb, you will see two paralleled houses in front of the gate. They are Waiting Rooms. In ancient times, when the Jingjiang King or subordinate worshipped their ancestors, to show their sincerity and respect, they had to take a shower and prepare sacrifices at Waiting Rooms.

Entering the tomb from the archway, you have to pass by the Spirit Way (Sacred Way). During the ancient times, the emperors or kings believed they would become Gods and go to heaven after death. So they called the road leading to tomb as Spirit Way (Sacred Way). In order to show priority of feudalism, there are three lanes, the middle one for the kings, and the other two for their subordinates. At both sides, pairs of stone statues stand there and guard the tomb.

Approaching to the Ling’en Hall, two man-shaped stone statues stand in front of the gate, one is female and other is male. They are regarded as the servants of Jingjiang King.

Worship is held at Ling’en Hall. The kings held ceremony every Tomb-sweeping Day, Zhongyuan Festival (Mid-July in lunar calendar) and Winter Solstice. Besides these three festivals, the regular ceremonies were held by the guards of the tomb. Nowadays, Ling’en Hall has become a museum of Jingjiang Tomb to introduce the Jingjiang Tomb and present the burial treasure.

We recommend Jingjiang Tombs to those Fengshui or Chinese ancient architecture fans. It is suitable for tourists to spend one hour here. You can take Bus No. 24, get off at Jingjiang Tomb Station and walk about 10 minutes.