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November, Enjoy the Autumn's Beauty in China

Visiting China in November, where shall we go and what shall we see? November, the last month of autumn in China, is the best time to enjoy the beauty of autumn. We would like to recommend some destinations for your information.

1.    Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve, Sichuan
Before the mid of November, you will see the picturesque and colorful view of the Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve. The leaves turn yellow, red and grey, the water was crystal clean, the blue sky reflects in the water. Compared with other months, less people visit here in November. Everything is so peaceful, just like a fairy land.

Recommend tour days: 2 days.

2.    Fragrant Hills Park (Xiangshan Park), Beijing
From the mid October, the maple leaves turn reddish, crimson and finally amaranthine. Some scenic spots are the ideal places for photographers. They are Incense Burner Peak, Yuhua Villa, Green Lake, Happiness Garden and Shuangqing Villa. Seeing from the villa or pavilions, the green pines and red maple trees interweave a colorful landscape painting.

Recommend tour days: 0.5 days.

3.    Boyang Lake, Jiangxi
As the largest hibernation place for cranes and swans, hundreds of thousands of cranes and swans hibernate from November to next March in Boyang Lake. In the mid November, most cranes arrive here. After long-term flying, they are keen to find foods and have a rest, so you can get close to them at the distance of one hundred meters. During the autumn, it is always sunny with a clear sky. Therefore, November is the best time to see and photograph the birds.

Recommend tour days: 1day.

4.    Hulun Buir Prairie, Inner Mongolia
Different from summer, the grassland turns yellow and more peaceful. Although it is not suitable to do camping at night, it is still worth trying. Fresh air, winding river, free flocks and herds, this endless grassland will help you escape from the pressures.

Recommend tour days: 1 days.