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Rough Guide to Mt. Emei

When people arrive in Chengdu, most of them will take consideration to visit Mt. Emei. It is known as one of four Buddhist mountains in China. Sunrises, sea of clouds and Buddha’s Aureole are three attractions for tourists. Especially the phenomenon, Buddha’s Aureole, is the most attractive. In the afternoon, if you are lucky enough, it sticks to your shadow in a cloud bank below the summit. Even if you embrace your friends or family, you still have your own Buddha’s Aureole.

Best time to see the amazing views
Sunrise: 6:00 in summer, 7:00 during winter.

Sea of clouds: 9:00-10:00, 15:00-16:00

Buddha’s Aureole: 9:00-10:00, 15:00-16:00

Azalea: April to June
Red leaves: October

Entrance tickets and opening hour:
January 16 to December 14, CNY 185 per person, 6:00-18:30
December 15 to next January 15, CNY 110 per person, 7:00-17:30

How to get there
Located in southwest of Sichuan, it is about 150 kilometers from Chengdu to Emei Town, the transportation hub for travelers to and from Mt. Emei. Now, buses and bullet trains are available. But please note that no matter you take bus or bullet train, you have to change to public bus or take a taxi to Mt. Emei scenic area.

Buses from Chengdu Xinanmen Bus Station depart every 15 minutes to Emei Town from 7:10 to 19:20. It costs CNY43 per person and takes three hours.

Bullet train
The bullet trains run from Chengdu East Station to Mt. Emei Station from 7:30 to 20:45. It takes about 1.5 hours. Two kinds of seats are available. The first-class seat is CNY78 per person. Well, second-class seat is a little bit cheaper, and costs CNY65 per person.

At the foot of Mt. Emei, it is 14 centigrade degrees higher than that in the summit. So please keep warm and wear casual.