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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain located in the northwest of Naxi Nationality Autonomous County, 15 kilometers away to the north of Lijiang Town, gets its name by the 13 snow peaks lined from north to south which like a dragon rising to the sky. This scenic spot with an area of 26,000 hectares is a modern oceanic glacier which is closest to the equator in the Northern Hemisphere, as well as a Nantional Tourism Scenic Spot.        

Sunlight of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is famous for its perilous, fantastic, beautiful and elegant scenraries, with a tremendous momentum and exquisite appearance. With the change of seasons and climates, sometimes the rosy clouds are slowly rising, making the Jade Dragon fade in and out, sometimes the sky is a cloudless blue, making the peaks glittering and translucent. The sceneries mainly includes mountain snow, springs, forests and meadows and so on, and the main attractions are Yu-zhu Qingtian, Spruce Meadow, Snow Mountain cable, Blackwater River, Whitewater River and so on. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain known as the incarnation of “Sanduo God” is the holy mountain of Naxi people.  
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

It is known that it’s like spring all the year ronf in Yunnan, but actually Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Yunnan has another style of scenery; if you travel to Yunan in winter, do not miss Jade Dragon Snow Mountain where you can enjoy various styles of scenery brought by the nature.