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Night Tour of Yangshuo: Fascinated in the Romantic Misty and Rainy West Street

Night of Yangshuo

The West Street dated from AD 590 has a long history of more than 1400 years.
It is located in the west of the town so as to be named as “West Street”

At present, West Street, 1180 meters long and 8 meters wide, has ancient and elegant houses of Dynasty Ming and Qing stypel at the two sides; with Chinese-style tiles, pitched roofs, whitewash walls and hanging balconies.  


We arrived at Yangshuo just towards evening; although it rained a little, we still decided to walk along the West Street after dinner.

Rambling along the West Street with rain sprinkling on us; all around us were shrouded in the misty rain.
Under the lights, the remote hills disappeared, reappearing again like smoke, making people seem to be walking in a fairyland. 
The whole scenery before our eyes seems like an impressionism water color landscape painting. 

Night Scenery of Yangshuo

“The West Street” is Ancient Street with full-bodied history and culture ambience. 
It is said that Mr. Sun Zhongshan has given a speech here, and a famous art master Mr. Xu Beihong has once lived in Yangshuo. Moreover, there has been many famous people from more than 150 countries to visit here, such as Clinton, Nixon, Kissinger, Margaret Thatcher, Ho Chi Minh, Sihanoukville and so on. The platform of West Street has been stamped so many hardships and glories of masters, which are the prints of China.

Relaxing Yangshuo

The West Street is also a street of foreigners, which is full of western elements; it is also a symbol of Yangshuo. 
There are many foreigners to set up hotels and Coffee shops in the street, making the street full of toporulian; besides, it is also a Chinese style street concentrating Chinese essences. There are also many traditional articles for personal adornment, such as Totemic dyed cloth, manual weaving shawls, inwrought cloths, pouches, ox horn combs and so on. You can have everything that you expects to find. 
Later at night, the life in the street is just on shown; after walking for two hours, we have to return to the hotel for rest.