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Kashgar: Explore the ancient and mystical Southern Xinjiang (1)

It is said that if you have a trip to Xinjiang but not Kashgar, it means that you have not actually been to Xinjiang. Kashgar is the westernmost city of China, as well as a significant tourism destination in southern Xinjiang. 

 Kashgar Local Family

Id Kah Mosque and Abakh Hoja Tomb

There are many places of interest in Kashgar, among of which the most famous attractions are Id Kah Mosque and AbakhHoja Tomb. Id Kah Mosque built in 1442 is located in the west side of Id Kah Squarein the center of Kashgar, with a coverage of more than 16800 square meters; it is an ancient Islam architectural complex full of strong national and religious style, as well as an important place for Muslims to have prayer and fortnightly holiday.   

Sitting toward the east, it is divided into four parts including the Gate Tower, the Yard, Sutra Hall and the Pray Hall; Id Kah Mosque, with a long history of more than 500 years, is the largest mosque in Xinjiang, even in the whole China.  

The Bazaar next to the Mosque is quite interesting, where many hand has crafts which you cannot find in other places, such as hand forged pots and musical instruments and so on. It may remind you of some memories of childhood, and make you know more about some life details of local people.

Kashgar Ancient Town  AbakhHoja Tomb
Abakh Hoja Tomb located in the east suburb of Kashgar city is also a typical ancient Islam architectural complex, with coverage of 2 hectares.