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Kashgar: Explore the ancient and mystical Southern Xinjiang (2)

Kashgar Ancient Town

Kashgar Ancient Town

Kashgar Ancient Town is a must-visit place when you traveling to Kashgar. It is said that the oldest house in the town has a history of more than 500 years. The town is built down the hillsides, the winding path leading to a secluded spot.
Muz Tagh Peak with the elevation of 7,546 meter and snow-covered at the top all the year is named as “the Father of Iceberg”. Karakul Lake with the meaning of “Great lake or black lake” in Uygur language, is located at the foot of Muz Tagh Peak. It is 10 square kilometer in coverage and 3.560 meters in height, which is the highest lake in the world. The water color will change with the seasons and time so as to be called “Color-changing Lake”, where embodies the typical sceneries of Pamirs, and is the Paradise of adventure enthusiasts.

The weather was quite fine; the snow appears to us clearly, with all color unsophisticated. The sky was so blue, and the cloud was so white……

We had lunch in a yurt of a Khalkhas family and enjoyed horseflesh, crusty pancake, watermelon, Hami melon, and salty milky tea.

Stone City
After some activities, we went on to Tashkurghan (above 3,000 meters) which is the highest county in China, as well as the westest county of China. Tash means stones and Kurghan means town, so Stone City is the symbol of Tashkurghan. It is one of the top 3 stone cities in China, built on a high hill, with Araelkin Grassland at the foot and Tashkurghan River flowing through,    
When the sun rises or goes down, it is the most beautiful time to see the Stone City; on the Araelkin Grassland, there are many cattle’s, sheep and horses eating grass freely, the distant yurts living around the grassland like bits of white spots with smoke from the kitchen sometimes. Look far away, the Snow Mountains are guarding all these lives quietly. Faced with this situation, you cannot help enjoying yourself in the harmonious scenery.