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Hulun Buir(1): Indulging on the most beautiful grassland in China

Hulun Buir Grassland

Imaginng, a new wooden totem-pole has been set up slowly, the old Shaman moves around it and mutters for prayer, A Daghur girl wearing an antler cap sit on the green grassland, with a bowl of deer blood wine held at hands; wind blows over her hair, clouds tumbles in the blue sky……        
This scenery will be engraved on your mind forever; once remind it, how you wish you could become a horse to run widely on the miles of grassland.

It is the “Green Jade in North Border”- Prairie Hulun Buir, a beautiful place abound of water weeds and star-studded lakes, a place used to teem with otters, as well as a place overgrowing of wild chives and delicious beef and mutton.