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Hulun Buir (2): Indulging on the most beautiful grassland in China

In the cock-shaped map of China, there is a place which looks like a comb of the cock; that is, the world famous Hulunbuir City in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which is named “Green Jade in North Border of China”. 

Lake of Hulunbuir City

There are more than 3000 rivers and 500 lakes in Hulunbuir City, among of which the most famous ones are Hulun Lake and Buir Lake. Hulun Lake also named of Dalai Lake, with an area of 800 miles, is the 4 largest freshwater lake in China. Most of Buir Lake lies in Mongia and less half of it in China. These two lakes are linked by the Urson River.   

Buir Lake

The Hulun Lake which is far away from the madding crowd, has still been kept its ancient and pristine appearance, adding infinite elegant demeanour for Hulunbuir City, as well as lots of treasures. The lake with wide water surface and clear water has not been polluted. Visitors can take a boat to visit the lake, and also can swimming in the lake; but the most interesting activity here is fishing.

Hulun Lake

The water quality of Hulun Lake is so good with abound of fish baits and less influence by human activities that it becomes an excellent place for fishes to grow here, as well as a famous natural fishbase in north of China. It is introduced that there are more than 30 kinds of special wild fishes.