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Unique Autumn Scenery: Red Seabeach in Panjin City

Best visiting time: September to middle of October

Best Viewing Sites: Bridge of Nine Turnings, Boat-style Viewing Deck, Wehai Guanhe Scenic Spot and Crescent Moon Bay Wet Land

Red Seabeach -01

Red Seabeach Beauty Spot located in the northeast of Bohai Gulf and the wet land of Liao River Delta has existing best preserved and largest wet land in the wotld, as well as rare red beaches and largest reed marshes. There lives more than 200 various birds; it is the southest site for red-crowned cranes to breed, as well as a main breeding place for Saundera Cull which is a rare kind of bird in the world.  

Red Seabeach -02

The Red Beach is made from many delicate sea-blites; Liaohe Intertidal Zone which is rich of organic mater and inorganic substances is quite fit for the growth of sea-blites. In April they come up in red, and become reddest in September.  

Red Seabeach -03