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Enjoying the Terra-cotta Warriors in Ancient Xian

Enjoying the Terra-cotta Warriors in Ancient Xian

Tomb of Qin which lies in Lintong District, 35 kilometers to east from Xian in Shaanxi Province is built in 246 BC to 208 BC by Qin Shi Huang who is the first emperor of the multi-national centralized country in the history of China; it is also the first tomb of emperor in China. Besides, all the terra-cotta warriors are facing the the direction of the ocean.

The pits of the Terra-cotta Warriors are buried with the dead of Qin Shi Huang, located in 1500 meters to the east of the Tomb, including three pits. The First Pit found at the earliest time is a rectangle, 230 meters long from east to west, 62 meters wide from south to north and 5 meters deep, with a total area of 14,260. It has a slope gateway at each side with a pit to right and left, which are the Second Pit and the Third Pot.

The pit of Terra-cotta Warriors is the largest underground military museum in the world. All the pits are of resonable layout and unique structure.

Openning Time: March 16th – November 14th: 08:30 – 17:30
               November 15th – March 15th: 08:30 – 17:00

After visiting the Warriors, one can go to Huaqing Hot Spring on the way in one day, as they are in the same route!